New York  Theatre


  • Relatively Conscious                                             Tony P (white trash racist Texan)   
         Director Gerald Vanheerden                               at The Hudson Guild Theatre @ NY Winterfest 2018
Houston Chronicle Article in regards to Relatively Conscious


  • The Egg Progect                                           Professor Robert Edgett (emotional dad)
        Director Andrea Andresakis-                                     The NYC FRINGE Festival 2015 & Dixon Place

     “Gary Ray truly dominates the stage with his lovable Robert character. He turns  the story in its head by being so charming.”

Review of The Egg Progect from The


  • And That’s How The Rent Gets Paid                                     Dick (Gay Club Owner)    
          Jeff Weiss Tribute performed at  The Kitchen


  • Long Ago Song                                                              Sidney (melancholy songwriter)
            Director Lee Summers


  • The Empress & El Diablo                                                                Larry (alcoholic dad)
          The Toy Box Theatre Co at NY Theatre Workshop


  • Sport Swingers                                                                                Rev Bone (sex maniac)
          La Mama Theatre


  • Coney Island Babies Burlesque Revue                     Cocky (hilarious vaudevillian)
          Director Scott Baker                                               The Coney Island Film Festival (Side-Show Theatre)


  • Reunion                         Merrit  (lonely physicist)               Pantheon Theatre, 42nd St.
  • End Of The Line          Chaz (hippie stoner)          Yankee Rep @ Raw Space, 42nd St.
  • How He Lied to Her Husband     (insanely jealous husband)          Trilogy Theatre
  • The Music Cure            Layton Hale (lecherous music teacher)    Trilogy Theatre
  • Richard Corey              Dr. Hornsby (loving doctor)     Yankee Rep @ Altered Stages
  • My Family Ethnocentricities Geoff (depressed caregiver)             Ensemble Studio
  • Typhoid Mary 911        Dr Soper (brilliant doctor & scientist)                    La Mama
  • Hot Keys                          Detective Alston (genius cop)                             Naked Angels
  • Prairie Avenue              Tom Boyar (funny mover)              Ensemble Studio Theatre
  • Down the Tubes            Hymie (insane homeless guy)       Ensemble Studio Theatre
  • Salome                             Roman Soldier (horny guard)       Ridiculous Theatre Co.
  • Perpetrator                    Jack Abbott (murdering writer)    Double Image Theatre
  • Rapido                             Bobby (angry traveller)                   Ensemble Studio Theatre
  • Organic Extensionism  One-Man Show                                    Dixon Place
  • Czolgosz                  Orinsky (happy Polish factory worker)    PS 122
  • Jack Benny              Grant (crazy TV crewguy)                PS 122’s Avant Garde Arama
  • Smell No Evil: Just Say Nose    Lackey (homeless guy)   Saint Mark’s Church
  • Circus Assault        Alice (excited transvestite MC)     Collective For Living Cinema
  • Woman At The Wheel  (abused husband) Dance Theatre Workshop & The Kitchen
  • Un Bar In Queens –George (drunk bar patron) The Latino Playwrights Committee
  • Church of The Little Green Man          Rev G.Ray   Darinka & Max Fish
  • (Vampir)                    Alex (hip vampire)                     The Loft
  • The Great Divide     John (violent cowboy)               18th St Playhouse
  • Pinchas The Pusher  Joseph (smart Hasidic man) 18th St Playhouse
  • My Family Ethnocentricities                                Geoff (depressed caregiver)       Ensemble Studio Theatre
  • When Lithuania Ruled The World         Knight Heilman  (brutal crusader) Anthology Film Archives

Outside of New York

  • The Theory of Total Blame                                                 Ernie (socially inept son) Director Karen Finley                                                                                                     Theatre Artaud SF, LA Cultural Exchange, Pyramid Arts Rochester NY,  Rapp Arts Center, The Kitchen
  • Good                                           AEA guest actor Adolf Eichmann (nazi strategist) American College Theatre Festival, New England College, NH
  • The Monk & Jerry Show      Monk (party animal)  Lyman Theatre, New Haven, CT