9 Gary Ray as the bass player in the Elmore Leonard projectNew York

Relatively Conscious@ Hudson Guild Theatre @ NY Winterfest 2018
Houston Chronicle Article in regards to Relatively Conscious

The Egg Progect @ NY FRINGE Festival 2015
The Easy.com review of The Egg Progect 2015

And That’s How The Rent Gets Paid,  Jeff Weiss Tribute @ The Kitchen
The Empress & El Diablo @ The Toy Box Theatre Co, NY Theatre Workshop
THE EGG PROgECT, written by Mike Amato @ Dixon Place
Coney Island Babies Revue, dir. by Scott Baker @ Coney Island Film Festival (Side-Show Theatre)
Reunion, @ Pantheon Theatre, 42nd St.
End Of The Line,Yankee Rep @ Raw Space, 42nd St.
How He Lied to Her Husband ( G.B.Shaw ) @ Trilogy Theatre
The Music Cure ( G.B.Shaw ) @ Trilogy Theatre
Richard Corey, Yankee Rep @ Altered Stages
My Family Ethnocentricities @ Ensemble Studio Theatre
Typhoid Mary 911, dir. by Iris Rose @ La Mama
Hot Keys, dir. by Jeff Weiss @ Naked Angels
Prairie Avenue, dir. by Kurt Dempster, w/Michael Patrick King, Jan Leslie Harding @ Ensemble Studio Theatre
Down the Tubes, dir. by Risa Bramon Gracia, w/Bill Murray, Robert Pastorelli, Zach Grenier @ Ensemble Studio Theatre
Salome, dir. by Kestutis Nakas, w/Harry Koutoukas, Everette Quinton, Kevin Scullin @ Ridiculous Theatre Company
Perpetrator, dir. by Tom Ferriter, w/Robert Lansing @ Double Image Theatre
The Theory of Total Blame, dir. & written by Karen Finley @ Rap Arts Center,The Kitchen & National Tour
When Lithuania Ruled The World, part lll dir by Kestutis Nakas, w/Edgar Oliver @ Anthology Film Archives
Rapido, w/Viggio Mortensen @ Ensemble Studio Theatre
Organic Extensionism, One-Man Show @ Dixon Place
Czolgosz, w/John Dossett, Ridge Theatre Company@ PS 122
Jack Benny, Ridge Theatre Company @ PS 122’s Avant Garde Arama
Smell No Evil: Just Say Nose @ Saint Mark’s Church
Circus Assault, dir. by Randy Lee Hardwig – Collective For Living Cinema
Woman At The Wheel, w/ Adrienne Altenhaus @ Dance Theatre Workshop & The Kitchen
Un Bar In Queens @ The Latino Playwrights Committee
Church of The Little Green Man, dir. by Rev.Mike Osterhout @ Darinka, Max Fish, Baby Doll Lounge, etc…
(Vampir), written & dir. by Stephen DiLauro @ The Loft
The Great Divide @ 18th St Playhouse
Pinchas The Pusher @ 18th St Playhouse

Outside of New York

The Theory of Total Blame, dir. by Karen Finley @ Theatre Artaud SF, LA Cultural Exchange, Pyramid Arts Rochester,NY
Good by C.P.Taylor (AEA guest actor as Eichmann) @ American College Theatre Festival, New England College, NH
The Monk & Jerry Show @ Lyman Theatre, New Haven,CT